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Digital Marketing Intern Course Training Plan, Syllabus and Contents

  • 1 Basic Introduction of Digital Marketing and Email Marketing 
  • 2 Email Marketing Tools and Technique with Mailchimp Tools to run Email Campaign 
  • 3 Practical on Email Campaign and Calculation of Effectiveness for email marketing 
  • 4 How to conduct Free email campaign with more effectiveness than paid email campaign 
  • 5 Basic introduction on SMS Marketing. SMS marketing tools and techniques 
  • 6 SMS marketing campaign running using bulk SMS Panel 
  • 7 How to send Free SMS using different API or most cost cutting SMS marketing techniques 
  • 8 Cost effective and effectiveness comparison between Email marketing and SMS marketing 9
  •  Basic Introduction on marketing content development and writing 
  • 10 Tools and technique to develop effective marketing content 
  • 11 Basic introduction on Social Media Marketing with tools and technique. 
  • 12 Social media marketing campaign and poll running. 
  • 13 How to run Campaign using facebook paid ads and analyse the ads campaign 
  • 14 How to run free campaign on social media with practical. 
  • 15 Cost effective and efficiency among Free facebook campaign and Paid campaign. 
  • 16 How to provide Social media services to client? 
  • 17 How to generate traffic or users from social media to website. 
  • 18 How to generate revenue or earn money from social media during Free time. 
  • 19 Comparison between email marketing, sms marketing and social media. 
  • 20 Exam on email marketing, sms marketing and social media marketing
  • 21 Basic knowledge on website design and development. 
  • 22 Basic html and CSS programming. 
  • 23 Website Hosting and customizing 
  • 24 Basic introduction on Content Marketing 
  • 25 Tools and technique to develop good website content. 
  • 26 How to make website as ATM machine with content marketing. 
  • 27 Basic Introduction on SEO, SEM,SMM. 
  • 28 Basic introduction on PPC. 
  • 29 How to generate traffic to website with SEO concept. 
  • 30 How to create mata tag and insert into website. 
  • 31 How to submit directories to create more back links. 
  • 32 Key word research and competitor keyword analysis. 
  • 33 Developing new keywords according to business requirements. 
  • 34 SEO tools and techniques 
  • 35 Google Adwords and Adsense concept. 
  • 36 How to provide Google Adwords services to client. 
  • 37 How to earn money with Google Adsense. 
  • 38 Practical on Google Adsense and Adwords 
  • 39 Basic concept on Affiliate marketing. 
  • 40 Affiliate marketing market place. 
  • 41 Exam on Google Adwords, Adsense, PPC and Traffic generation

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