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Placement Aptitude:

Institutes and/ Colleges has built up a broad arrangement inclination program that is very tweaked to the understudies' group on the accompanying themes:

• Quantitative Ability

• Data Interpretation

• Data Sufficiency

• Logical Reasoning

• Verbal Ability

• Reading Comprehension. Learn More


Familiarity with the interview process
You will be more confident in the interview, if you prepare well in advance for the type of questions and the areas of specialization that are likely to be tested in the interview. Personnel selection procedures vary greatly depending on the organization, the type of job and level of the job. Generally, the job selection is made by anyone or a combination of the following.

1. Preliminary, written tests like intelligence test, English Language test, Logical Reasoning test, Mathematical skill test, Technical Knowledge test
2. Group Discussions
3. Personal Interviews
4. Medical test
5. For certain types of jobs, other tests like Leadership potential tests, Group tasks, Physical Endurance tests may also be used for assessment.

Academic Preparation

A sound knowledge of various subjects pertaining to your professional course is important. Preparation of a question bank with answers for the subjects, which you have studied, will be of great help in this regard. This would give you considerable confidence in facing the Technical part of the interview. A broader perspective of the subjects, through a study of technical books and journals, will give you an edge over others.

Project work

Considerable weightage is generally given to your final year project work, as it is supposed to reflect your own work. In the interviews, quite a lot of questions will pertain to your project work to evaluate your understanding and knowledge of the topic. Impressive presentation of your project work can win you a job in many cases. You should have a comprehensive knowledge of the topic, including a clear understanding of the work presented in your project work. Rehearse the presentation of your project work to get sufficient practice and confidence. A very common question regarding project work is ‘Why did you choose this particular topic?’ And ‘What are practical applications?’

Practical Training

If you have undergone any practical training, this will be a credential for you. Volunteer this information during the interview, whenever you get the opportunity. Some questioning will generally be there on what you have learnt or observed during the training. Prepare a brief write-up on the training that you have undergone, so that you can answer questions convincingly on this topic.

Special Achievements

If you have, to your credit, any achievements like writing of a Technical paper, participation in seminar talks, fabrication of equipment, winning a prize in a Technical competition etc, list them out in detail and create an opportunity during the interview to project them before the interview committee.

Extra Curricular Activities

If you have distinguished yourself in extra curricular activities like sports, debate, NSS, cultural or any other activity where your leadership and organizational ability is involved, list them out. Such achievements must be authenticated or certificated. Be sure that you have a broader understanding of your field of interest, so that you can talk with confidence and authority on those topics. Some weightage is generally given for achievements in the above-mentioned fields.


If you are interested and proficient in any hobbies like music, drama, painting, literature, numismatics, philately etc, it is again a credential for you and sometimes can greatly help you in developing a positive rapport with interviewer, if that person also happens to be interested in them.

General knowledge and current affairs

A professional person is expected to be aware of the current events and have a broad understanding of the general events happening in society. In many interviews, there will be questions on these topics. Reading of newspapers and magazines and selective T.V. Viewing is a desirable habit. Also, participation in activities like quiz programs, seminars, essay writing etc. can give you considerable confidence in this regard.

Communication Skills

 Ability to present your thoughts and ideas fluently in simple and correct language will be a great asset to your personality. If your communication skills are not up to the mark, you can improve your communication skills by consciously listening to some good speakers,  speaking to some of your friends who are good in English speaking and trying to speak in English at least in informal gatherings. There is no shortcut to gain fluency in English. The only way out is to overcome your inhibitions with some effort and start speaking in English. It is also important to practice your modulation during your practice sessions. 

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Source: Tips for Campus Placements - Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad.

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