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Structure of the U.S. Education System:
School Leaving Qualifications


The GED is a battery of tests, based on courses and/or guided self-study, that when passed result in the award of a certificate that is recognized in the United States as the legal equivalent of a high school diploma.  The scores on the GED examinations must exceed the national average scores of 40 percent of high school seniors (12th year students) in similar subjects.  GED programs exist in all states and are also offered by private providers.  The GED program permits adults who did not complete secondary school to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma.

GED certificates are accepted at most U.S. higher education institutions.  However, GED holders are often expected to present additional evidence of achievement such as standardized test scores (including subject tests), recommendations, Advanced Placement (AP) examination scores (see below), and other records that put them on a similar footing with other applicants.

GED Testing Service is the national GED service, coordinated by the American Council on Education, that provides GED preparation materials, oversees administration of GED examinations, grades examinations, and issues GED transcript records.  The site provides links to each state and territorial GED program office.

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