Reliance FAQs answers on Computer programming

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Reliance frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers on Computer programming (CP)

1Q. int (*fun)(char *); means 

A. pointer to pointer 
B. pointer to array of pointers 
C. a function that accepts pointer to a character and returns pointer to an integer 
D. pointer to a function that accepts pointer to a character and returns integer 

2Q. struct node( int i; float j;);struct node *s[10]; The above C declaration define 's'  to be 

A. array, each element of which is a structure of type node. 
B. An array, each element of which is a pointer to a structure of type node 
C. A structure of 2 fields, each field being a pointer to an array of 10 elements 
D. A structure of 3 fields: an integer, a float, and an array of 10 elements

3Q. Point out the error in the program? struct emp ( int ecode; struct emp *e; ) ; 

A. Linker Error 
B. Error Structure Declaration 
C. No Error 
D. Runtime Error 

4Q. What does this statement printf(%10s, state); means? 

A. Pint the last 10 characters of the string 
B. Print empty spaces if the string state is less than 10 characters 
C. 10 spaces before the string state is printed 
D. Depends on the compiler 

5Q. Size (in bytes) of pointer initialized to NULL in C, assume that compiler is 32 bit 

A. 1     B. 2     C. 0     D. 4 

6Q. Which of the following functions cant be used to read from a user opened file 

A. scanf    B. read    C. fscanf:    D. fgetc 

7Q. The purpose for mode w+b in file operation is 

A. open a binary file for writing 
B. create a binary file for read/write 
C. open a binary file for reading/writing 
D. create a binary file for write 

8Q. Which operator is suitable for turning off a particular bit in a number? 

A. &&    B. |     C. ||    D. &

Answers: 1D 2B 3C 4B 5B 6A 7B 8D.  Learn More

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