Aptitude: Tips for Preparation and Taking Tests

Please don’t forget to G+1 and/ Like and/ Share. Hi, welcome to nrrbeassistance.blogspot.com. The Aptitude Tests also known as ‘Ability Tests’ are designed to measure a number of abilities and will be used during the Jobs or Exams or Recruitment Process.

 Specifically, the tests will look at your ability to:
  • Think and reason using words and language (verbal reasoning)
  • Think and reason using numbers (numerical reasoning)
  • English language

Tips for Preparation

  • Do not leave your preparation until the night before the testing – 
  • Refresh your knowledge of arithmetic principals and English 
  • Read and examine numerical information, mechanical drawings etc. 
  • Try practicing doing calculations without using a calculator
  • Get a good nights sleep the night before you sit the tests.

Tips for Taking Tests

  • The tests being used during the Jobs or Exams or Recruitment Process are made up of a mixture of easy, medium and difficult questions scattered throughout the test.  Try to work quickly through the test to ensure that you get to attempt as many questions as possible – remember, there could be some easier questions toward the end of the test so don’t waste too much time on difficult ones at the beginning.
  • Timed tests require you to work quickly through the questions, so don’t approach the test too casually.
  • Don’t spend too much time on any one question.  If a question seems too difficult or time-consuming, make a guess and move on to the other questions.  
  • If you finish early, take the time to go back and check your answers.
  • Try not to leave any questions unanswered or blank – remember there is no penalty for guessing and at least you have a chance of getting the question correct if you guess the answer rather than leaving it blank.
  • When you try out the following practice questions, make sure you do them all at the one time and see how you go getting them done as quickly as possible.
  • Remember, the practice questions to follow have a mix of easy and difficult questions, so you are not expected to get them all correct.  You may also find that you are better at some types of questions (for example the verbal reasoning items) and not others (for example the numerical reasoning items).  Don’t worry; it is quite normal for people to have strength in one area over another.  That is why a variety of ability tests are being used.  Generally, it will be your overall performance on the tests that counts.  So if you don’t do well on one test, you will probably make up for it with your score on another. Good Luck!

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