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SO Professional Knowledge Bits

1. OLAP applications are widely used by ...............and it uses........... schema.
a.RDBMS ,bus
b.Operating system,star
d.Data mining,star or multidimensional.
e.None of these
Ans: d

2. Arrange the following in increasing order of their size.
d.bit>byte>file record>field>database
e. none of these
Ans: b

3. JVM is a virtual machine that can execute................... .
a. C language.
b. .net programming
e. Java byte code.
Ans: e

4. ODBC is based on ..............
a.structured query language
b. c language
d .net
Ans: a

5 . Which of the following is not an advantage of the data –base approach?
a.Increased security
b.Elimination data redundancy
c.Ability to associate related data.
d.Programming/ data independence
e.All of above
Ans: e

6. In relational database row and coloum is called as ............. and ........... respectively.
d. Attribute;domain
Ans: a

7. To delete a particular column in a relation the command used is:
e.none of these
Ans: d

8. A primary key if combined with a foreign key creats
a.parent-child relationship b/w the tables that connect them.
b.many to many relationship between the tables that connect them.
c. network model b/w the tables that connects them.
d. all of the above.
e. none of the above.
Ans: a

9. Which of the following is record based logical model ?
a. Network model
b. Object oriented model
c. E-R model
d. All of these.
e. none.
Ans: a

10. The full form of the DDL.
a. Data Deficiency Language
b. Data Dependent Language
c. Data Definition Language
d. Data Distribution Language
e. none of these
Ans: c

11. Which of the following virus overtake computer system when it boots and destroy information.
b.system infectors.
c.boot infectors.
d. stealth virus.
e. none of these.
Ans: d

12. The relational model includes two general integrity rules. Integrity rule 1 is concerned with........... and integrity rule 2 is concerned with ...........
a.Primary key, foreign key
b.Primary key,composite key.
c.Unique key , foreign key.
d.Composite key,foreign key
e.None of these
Ans: a

13. ............. is person who has the central control over both data and application programs.
a.System engineer
b.Database administrator
c.Database manager
d.Technical analyst
e. None of these
Ans: b

14 . An attribute of a relation that references the primary key of another relation is known as the......................
a.Foreign key
b.Unique key
c.Parent key
d.Child key
e.Index key
Ans: a

15. An entity set that doesn’t have sufficient attributes to form a primary key is a
a.Strong entity set
b.Weak entity set
c.Simple entity set
d.Primary entity set
e.None of these
Ans: b

16. The JDBC-ODBC bridge is
a.Three tiered
c.Best for any platform
d.All of these
e.None of these.
Ans: b

17 .In a relational database ,this is a data structure that organises the information about a single topic into rows and columns.
Ans: d

18. Which statement about the java language are true ?
a.Java supports both procedural and object oriented programming
b.Java is only a procedural language.
c.Java is only an object –oriented .
d.Java is related to
e.None of the above.
Ans: a

19. Stack is also called ............
a.First in first out (FIFO)
b.Last in first out(LIFO)
c.First in last out(FILO)
d.First come first served(FCFS)
e.None of the above
Ans: b

20 . The index created by primary key column is called .........
a.Unique index
b.Composite index
c.Single index
d.Primary index
e.None of these
Ans: a

21.In sql ,which comman(s) is(are) used to remove rows from a table.
d.Both (1) and (3)
e. none
Ans: d

22.In Sql , the create table is used
a.To create a table ,definition its columns,integrity constraints. And storage allocation.
b.To add a column/integrity constraint to a table.
c. To redefine a column
d.To change a tables storage characteristics
e.All of the above
Ans: a

23.What is the abbreviation used for a software package that permits the user to create , retrieve and maintain records in a data base ?
d.All of these
e.None of the above
Ans: c

24.Choose the right sequence of virus stages
a. Triggering ,damage, Dormancy,propagation
b.Damage ,Triggering ,Dormancy ,Propagation
c.Damage ,Triggering ,propagation, Dormancy
d.Triggering ,Damage ,propagation,dormancy
e.Dormancy,propagation ,Triggering,Damage
Ans: e

25.In sql , which command is used to add new rows to a table
a.Alter table
b.Add row
Ans: d

26.In sql , which of the following is not a data manipulation language commands?
Ans: d

27.The value for an attribute or a column are drawn from a set of values known as ...............................
c. Domain
Ans: c

28. Which of the following identifies specific web page and its computer on the web page ?
a. web site
b. URL
c.web site address
d. Domain name
e. none of these
Ans: b

29.Which of the following is not a type of sql statement?
a.Data manipulation language(DML).
b. Data definition language.(DDL)
c.Data control language(DCL)
d. Data communication language(DCL).
e. None of these.
Ans: d

30.Which of the following is not included in DML(data manipulation language)
a. Insert
c. Delete
d. Create
e.None of these
Ans: d

31. Truncate statement in sql is a ..................................
a. DML statement
b. DDL statement
c.DCL statement
d.DSL statement
e. none of these
Ans: b

32. To discard all pending data changes-------
e.none of these
Ans: b

33. Which of the following is related to the stack ?
b. Push
e.(1)(2) and(3)
Ans: e

34. In queues , the end from where items inserted is called .............
d. base
e. none
Ans: a

35. Which protocol is used for browsing website:
e. None of these.
Ans: b

36. Which of the following is a browser ?
a. Netscape Navigator
c.Mozilla firefox
d.Google chrome
e .all of these
Ans: e

37.Black box testing sometimes called.............
a.Data Flow testing
b. Loop testing
c.Behavioral Testing
d. Graph based testing
e. None of these
Ans: c

38. The objective of testing is ......................
a. debugging
b. to uncover error
c. to gain modularity
d. To analyze system.
e. none of these.
Ans: b

39. Choose the right sequence of SDLC(software development life cycle) steps—
a. Design ,Requirement analysis, coding ,testing
b. Requirement Analysis,design ,coding ,testing
c. Requirement analysis ,design,testing ,coding
d.requirement analysis,coding,design ,testing
e. none of these.
Ans: b

40. The drawback of the binary tree sort are remedied by the............
a. Linear sort.
b. Quick sort
c. Heap sort
d. Insertion sort
e. All of these
Ans: c

41. Round robin scheduling is essentially the preemptive version of..................
b. Shortest job first
c.Shortest remaining
d. Longest time first
e. None of these
Ans: a

42. ......................... is the situation in which a process is waiting on another process. Which Is also waiting on another process which is waiting on the first process. None of the process involved in this circular wait are making progress.
a. Deadlock
b. Staravation.
c. Dormant
d. All of these
e. none of these
Ans: a

43. Assembly language is a ................
a. Low level language.
b. Middle level language.
c. High level language.
d. User language
e. None of these
Ans: b

44. Which of the following is a type of translator.
a. Assembler
b. Compiler
d. all of the above
Ans: d

45. Multiprogramming systems .............................
a. Are easier to develop than single programming.
b. Execute each job faster.
c.Execute more jobs in the same time
d. Are used only on large main frame computer.
e. None
Ans: c

46. The mechanism by which the data and functions are bound together with an..........
a. Inheritance
b. Encapsulation
c. Abstraction
d. Polymorphism
e. none
Ans: b

47. The OSI model consist of ........................ layer
a. 5 b. 6 c. 7 d. 8 e. 9
Ans: c

48. Decryption & Encryption of data are the responsibility of ......... layer.
a.Physical layer
b.Data link
c. Presentation
d. Session
e. Application
Ans: a

49. Lan can be connected by devices called ............................ which operate in the data link layer.
a. Hub
b. Bridges
c. Hdlc
d. Tunnel
e. None
Ans: b

50. In a ................................... topology , if there are n devices in a network , each device has n-1 ports for cable.
a. Mesh
b. star
c. Bus
d. Ring
e. None of these.
Ans: a

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