How IBPS calculate scores to PO / SO / Clerks ?

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How IBPS calculate CWE scores?

I. Corrected Score In CWE 

1) Corrected Score In CWE : The initial stage of the calculation of the scores is by calculating the corrected score after the online CWE. Correct score means the marks obtained in each section which is calculated by counting the correctly answered marks after applying penalty for wrong answers. For example if a candidate attended 34 questions, out of which 8 are wrong, then the corrected score will be 34-2=32.

II. Equated Score

2) Equated Score : The equated score is calculated by considering the difficulty level of each section at different sessions. Since the exam is held in different sessions, the difficulty level of a particular section is different in all the sessions. For example, for a particular section in a session the average score obtained by the candidates is less than comparing to the average scores in all other session. Then IBPS will calculate an equated score which will cancel the affect of the difficulty level.

III. Final Standardized Score 

3) Final Standardized Score : IBPS uses the linear transformation methods to arrive at the final score by taking the mean and standard deviation of the equated score. The final standardization score will be then round off to the nearest integer.

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