English Language Detection (spotting) of errors

English Language Detection (spotting) of errors in sentences

Directions—(Q.1–15 & 21-25) Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (E). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

1. That boy possess a)/three precious pens b)/but he does not c)/show them to anyone. d)/No Error e) | Ans : A
2. It was evident from the way a)/they behaved b)/that they had not c)/ conscious of the surrounding. d)/ No Error e) | Ans : C
3. I am grateful to you a)/and all your friends b)/for extending timely help c)/and comfort me. d)/No Error e) | Ans : D
4. Though I had a)/not requested him b)/ he helped me by c)/giving money and advice. d)/No Error e) | Ans : C
5. While he was a)/walking of the road b)/a ferocious bull c)/ knocked him down. d)/No Error e) | Ans : B
6. He has been both a)/an intelligent and b)/hardworking person c)/ since his childhood. d)/No Error e) | Ans : E
7. ALL of us are aware a)/that the excellence qualities b)/ possessed by him c)/are all natural gifts. d)/No Error e) | Ans : B
8. A small loaf a)/of bread is b)/far better to c)/having nothing to eat. d)/No Error e) | Ans : C
9. People who have a)/fortunate enough to own b)/a house in this city c)/are very few. d)/No Error e) | Ans : A
10. The number of employees a)/ reporting sick b)/has increased drastically c)/because of the imminent elections. d)/No Error e) | Ans : C
11. Many multinational companies (A) / have not been as (B) /successful in India (C) /than we expected. (D) No error (E) | Ans: D
12. He has ruined (A) /his eyesight (B) /by not using (C) /his spectacles regularly. (D) No error (E) | Ans: E
13. Mostly of the (A) /newly recruited officers (B) /have no experience (C) /in the banking sector. (D) No error (E) | Ans: A
14. The resignation of (A) /one of our directors (B) /have caused the price (C) / of shares to fall. (D) No error (E) | Ans: C
15. There are many (A) /ways of which (B) /inflation can (C) /be measured. (D) No error (E) | Ans: B
21. A year after the global financial crisis saw (A) / students from the best B-schools across the world struggling for a job, (B) / a survey on management education this year thrown (C) / up some rather interesting findings. (D) No error (E) | Ans : (C)
22. The district authorities are making (A) / a last-ditch attempt to provide (B) / alternative solutions to farmers but (C) / the options is clearly inadequate. (D) No error (E) | Ans : (D)
23. The results of the study showed that (A) / if the partners were willing to talk to each other (B) / and arrive at a mutually agreeable decision, (C) / the joint decisions were more better than any one person’s judgment. (D) No error (E) | Ans : (D)
24. Cleanliness drives will be (A) / conducted in various localities (B) / to opening the drains blocked (C) / with polythene bags. (D) No error (E) | Ans : (C)
25. Initially, shop owners tried to (A) / offer some resistance to the demolition but (B) / seeing the heavy presence of the police force, (C) / their resistance faded off. (D) No error (E) | Ans : (E)

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