Top Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

Please don’t forget to G+1 and/ Like and/ Share. Hi, welcome to nrrbeassistance.blogspot.com. A Verbal Reasoning Test looks at your ability to think and reason using words and language.  Here are some sample questions.

All Models Verbal Reasoning Questions:

1. The word most nearly OPPOSITE to PROCEED is:

a) Progress
b) Stop
c) Steed
d) Leap
e) Divert

2. Find the two statements that together prove that: 


1) Elise is a keen swimmer and swims at the beach every weekend
2) Elise is a member of the Sorrento Lifesaving Club
3) Elise only ever swims with her friend Sue.
4) Elise has a boatshed at Sorrento beach.
5) Sue is only allowed to swim at Sorrento beach which she visits every weekend.

a) 1&2     b) 1&4     c) 2&4     d) 3&5     e)1&5

3. The word most nearly the SAME as TIMELY is:

a) Tardy
b) Clock
c) Sluggish
d) Fast
e) Punctual

4. Which pair of words BEST expresses the relationship between:

a) Cake – Full
b) Coke – Drink
c) Drink – Thirsty
d) Sit – Stand
e) Water - Bottle

5. Four of the following words are alike in some way.
        What is the ODD WORD OUT?

a) Boat        b)     Motorcycle        c)     Car        d)     Bus        e)     Train

6.   Which of the following words DOES NOT mean the same as EXIT:

a) Leave
b) Depart
c) Pursue
d) Way Out
e) Go Away


a) Rumba        b) Walking        c)Ballet        d) Dancing        e) Sport

8.  Which of the following words DOES NOT mean the same as CAMOUFLAGE:

a) Hide        b) Recognise        c) Disguise        d) Conceal        e) Cover

9.  Find the two statements that together prove that:


1) Rupert has more real estate than everyone he went to school with.
2) The High Flier’s Tennis Club has very wealthy members.
3) Of everyone he plays tennis with, Rupert has the most real estate.
4) Kerry is a member of the High Flier’s Tennis Club where Rupert often plays tennis.
5) Rupert did not go to school with Kerry, but plays tennis with him at the club.

a) 1&5        b) 2&3        c) 2&4        d) 4&5        e) 3&5

10.  If you unscramble this sentence correctly, the fourth word will be....

need      indeed friend is         a         friend          in

a) need        b) friend        c) is        d) indeed        e) a

Answers1. B     2. D     3. E    4. C     5. A     6. C     7. D     8. B     9. E     10. A | Learn More

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Top Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF
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