Top Numerical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Please don’t forget to G+1 and/ Like and/ Share. Hi, welcome to nrrbeassistance.blogspot.comA Numerical Reasoning Test looks at your ability to think and reason using words and language.  Here are some sample questions.

All Models Numerical Reasoning Questions:
1. What is the missing number in this series?

          3       7      11     15     ?      23

2. The numbers in the grid go together in a certain way. 

What are the numbers that should be in the square marked by?

2 4 6
4 ? 8
6 8 ?

3. Edna’s chocolate fudge is a mixture of four parts Belgian chocolate to three parts coconut cream.  If Edna needs to make 28 kilograms of fudge for the fair, how many kilograms of the coconut cream will she need?

4. What is the missing number in the following series?

             5        7 11 17 ? 35

5. Graham had three times as many cars as Doug and twice as many as Steve, who got a new car for his birthday every year from the time he turned 18.  If Steve is 20 years old, how many cars does Doug have?

6. Mr & Mrs Roberts are going on a picnic.  They leave their home and travel at 60km per hour for 45 minutes and then stop to pick up some supplies from the store.  The store is half way between their home and the picnic spot.  How far is the picnic sport from the Roberts’ home?

7. What are the missing numbers in this series?

           2 4 8 16 32 ? ?

8. The numbers in the grid go together in a certain way.  Some of them have been shaded or       obscured to hide their numbers.  

What is the number that should go in the square marked by the   ?

      6 24
     ▲ 72 144
    216 432 ?

9. In the lolly jar there are one third as many jelly-beans as there are smarties and four times as many strawberry-creams as jelly-beans.  If I have 21 smarties, how many strawberry-creams do I have?

10. The newsagent paid the publisher $120 per hundred newspapers.  He charged his   customers for three newspapers, the same price as he had paid for five.  What was the profit he made per hundred newspapers?

Answers: 1.  19         2. 6 & 10         3. 12 kg    4. 25     5. 26. 90 km     7. 64 & 128     8. 864     9. 28      10. $80 | Learn More

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Top Numerical Reasoning Questions and Answers
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