English Language passages fill in the blanks

English Language passages fill in the blanks questions answers

English Language passage with fill in the blanks questions and answers. In this section there is a passage with ten blanks. Collected from previous and model papers for practice.

Directions—(Q. 41–50) In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

I was born and …(41)… up in a village by my grandparents. We had two granaries to …(42)… the rice that we grew. …(43)… the better quality ‘white’ rice was kept in the granary in the front of the house, the …(44)… quality ‘red’ rice was kept in the granary at the back. We never had …(45)… money in the house, so those who came to ask for alms were given rice. My grandmother would send me to the front granary to bring rice for them, but when she cooked for …(46)… of us she would use the red rice. I was  (47)… by her behavior. One day, I asked her why she did this ? She …(48)… and said something I will never forget. “…(49)… whenever you give something to somebody, give the best in you, never the second
best.” …(50)… director of a foundation, if I help people today, it is because of this lesson she taught me.

41. (A) raised (B) adopted (C) grown (D) brought (E) grew | Ans : (D)
42. (A) pick (B) save (C) supply (D) cultivate (E) store | Ans : (E)
43. (A) Instead (B) While (C) Yet (D) Therefore (E) For | Ans : (B)
44. (A) less (B) worse (C) defective (D) inferior (E) best | Ans : (D)
45. (A) plenty (B) vast (C) lots (D) sufficiently (E) much | Ans : (E)
46. (A) all (B) remaining (C) gathering (D) none (E) those | Ans : (A)
47. (A) puzzled (B) confusing (C) worrying (D) frightened (E) angry | Ans : (A)
48. (A) pleased (B) shouted (C) smiled (D) advised (E) hugged | Ans : (C)
49. (A) remember (B) pray (C) memorise (D) think (E) appeal | Ans : (A)
50. (A) when (B) since (C) only (D) perhaps (E) as | Ans : (E)

Directions (151-160) : In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. Against each number, there are five words one of which fills the blank appropriately. Find the appropriate word in each case. 

In any organized group of mammals, no matter how co-operative, there is always a (151) for social dominance. As he pursues this, each adult individual (152) a particular social rank, giving him his position, or status, in the group hierarchy. The situation never remains (153) for very long, largely because all the status strugglers are (154) older. When the overlords, or 'top dogs', become senile, their seniority is challenged and they are (155) by their immediate subordinates. There is then renewed dominance squabbling as (156) moves a little farther up the social ladder. At the other end of the scale, the younger members of the group are maturing rapidly, keeping up the pressure from (157). In addition, certain members of the group may suddenly be (158) down by disease or accidental death, leaving gaps in the hierarchy that have to be quickly filled.
The general result is a constant condition of status tension. Under natural (159) this tension remains tolerable
because of the limited size of the social groupings. If, however, in the artificial environment of captivity, the group size becomes too big, or the space available too small, then the status 'rat race' soon gets out of hand, dominance battles rage uncontrollably, and the leaders of the packs, prides, colonies or tribes come under (160) strain.

151. a) feel b) struggle c) war d) envy e) stress | Ans: b
152. a) allots b) inherits c) approves d) acquires e) desire | Ans: d
153. a) stable b) equitable c) equal d) calm e) unstable | Ans: a
154. a) aheading b) looking c) feeling d) moving e) growing | Ans: e
155. a) throned b) thrown c) overthrown d) insulted e) picked | Ans: c
156. a) they b) junior c) elder d) everyone e) no one | Ans: b
157. a) above b) sides c) top d) behind e) below | Ans: e
158. a) go b) feel c) struck d) run e) come | Ans: c
159. a) forces b) conditions c) pressures d) preconditions e) upbringing | Ans: b
160. a) severe b) unwanted c) stress d) productive e) desirable | Ans: a

Directions—(Q. 71–80) In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered.These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words/ phrases are suggested one ofwhich fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

I used to look …(71)… to the holidays. I was usually …(72)… to my uncle‘s house where I …(73)… his children. I did not get paid a salary for …(74)… What I received in return however, was far more …(75)… My uncle was an avid reader. During the time I spent with his family I had an …(76)… to read the vast amount of books and magazines that he possessed. This improved my English to some … (77)… Reading became my new …(78–79)… spending my pocket money on a ticket to the cinema I began to …(80)… books. This has benefited me greatly.

71. (A) forward (B) towards (C) backward (D) up (E) around | Ans: A
72. (A) went (B) sent (C) visited (D) travelled (E) gone | Ans: B
73. (A) cared (B) occupy (C) guarded (D) taught (E) played | Ans: D
74. (A) them (B) whom (C) this (D) now (E) which | Ans: C
75. (A) expensive (B) deserving (C) helping (D) demanding (E) valuable | Ans: E
76. (A) opportunity (B) ability (C) use (D) encouragement (E) achievement | Ans: A
77. (A) distance (B) extent (C) time (D) limits (E) degrees | Ans: B
78. (A) activity (B) hope (C) hobby (D) duty (E) worship | Ans: C
79. (A) despite (B) though (C) by (D) instead of (E) while | Ans: D
80. (A) sell (B) read (C) exchange (D) invest (E) buy | Ans: E

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English Language passages fill in the blanks
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