Presence: Interview Attire - Guidelines for Men

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Two-Piece business suit: Dark blue or gray; Dry cleaned and pressed; Tailored to fit well; Conservative in style, not flashy dress. White dress shirt: 100% cotton; Button tabs or point collar, rather than button down; No stains or holes; Long sleeved only.

Dress shoes: polished; Good condition or new; Black or cordovan; Lace-up shoes are preferred to slip-one; No tassels; Never wear loafers; If new, wear for at least one day to break them in.

Dark socks: Black over the calf socks that will not slide down.

Leather belt: Solid color matching shoes; metal buckle matching jewelry; Conservative buckle; If you wear braces, do not wear a belt.

Silk neck tie: Four in Hand Knot; Bottom of tie to touch top of belt buckle; Conservative design; 100% silk; New or in good condition.

Attractive hairstyle: Well styled hair; Short cuts are better; Clean; Light gel or no gel;
Cut one week before interview rather than one day before; Beards and mustaches may
be offensive to some employers. Learn More

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Note: Here image cover is used for reference.

Source: Tips for Campus Placements - Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad.

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Presence: Interview Attire - Guidelines for Men
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