Process: Tough Questions and STAR Method

Hi, welcome to nrrbeassistance.blogspot.com. Tough Questions: Questions can vary and may be categorized under Personal Assessment, Education and Experience, Career ambition and Plans, Company or Organization.

Experience questions: These ask you about specific work related experiences that will identify if you have the skill set and experience to match the position. 

Behavioral/Competency based questions: These usually begin “Tell me about a time when ….    Which in turn offer insight about how you acted in previous situations and this again can predict how you would react or behave in similar future situations. 

Opinion questions: These ask about your opinion on specific issues or decisions. What would you do if ……………………?

Credential questions: Related usually to your education and certifications. 

Do at least 65 – 70% of the talking, state your case and be brief and organized in your answers. Consider the STAR Method in framing your answers. 

Situation: Give an example of a situation you were involved in that resulted in a positive outcome.

  • Task: Describe the tasks involved in that situation
  • Action: Talk about the various actions involved in the situation’s task. 
  • Results: What results directly followed because of your action

Expect the unexpected. You can often be asked questions that seem to bear no relevance to the position or your experience; these are simply asked to see how you react in certain situations e.g. “What time period would you like to have lived in?” These questions are intended to force you to react under some stress and pressure.

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Process: Tough Questions and STAR Method
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