Top 5 Computer Programming CP bits answers-S1

Please don’t forget to G+1 and/ Like and/ Share. Hi, welcome to nrrbeassistance.blogspot.comVery Important and most useful; frequently asked Computer Programming (CP) interview bits and written test questions and answers set 1.

1. scanf returns 
A. Error 
B. No. of characters properly printed 
C. Number of successfully matched and assigned input items 
D. Nothing 

2. Address stored in the pointer variable is of type 
A. int   B. char   C. float   D. double 

3. union test ( int x; char arr[8]; int y; ); int main() ( printf("%d", sizeof(union — test)); return 0; ) Predict the output of above program. Assume that the size of an integer is 4 bytes and size of character is 1 byte. 
A.16    B. 12    C. 8   D. compiler error 

4. What is the output of this C code? #include <stdio.h> int main() ( short int i; scanf("%*d", &i); printf("%hd", i); return 0; ) 
A. Some garbage value 
B. Compilation error 
C. Depends on the compiler 
D. Whatever user types 

5. The statement int **a; is 
A. Syntactically wrong but semantically correct 
B. Wrong both syntactically and semantically 
C. Correct both syntactically and semantically 
D. Syntactically correct but semantically wrong 

Answers: C, A, C, A, C.  Learn More

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Top 5 Computer Programming CP bits answers-S1
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