English Language Antonyms (tips and tricks)

An ‘antonym’ is often defined as a “word that is contrary in meaning to another”. It is nothing but a word opposite in meaning to the given word.

Antonyms Tips:

Remember the following hints to be quite alert while choosing an antonym to the given word in bank exams.
  • We should bear in mind that an antonym must be in the same part of speech in which the given word is.
  • We should note that the answer should be in the same tense form in which the given word is.
  • We must pay due attention to the fact that generally the question paper setters include a synonym in the alternative choices, given for the answer of the key word.
  • Often the alternative answers are in Active as well as in Passive Voice. The correct answer is that which is similar in voice to the key word.

Antonyms Tricks:

Antonyms can be formed in these ways:
  • By adding a prefix like – un, non, dis, mis, anti, de, il, im, in, ir, mal
  • By adding a suffix like – less, ful,
  • By using a new word

Identifying antonym:

  • For a noun - by agreement
  • For a verb - by answer, reply

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English Language Antonyms (tips and tricks)
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